Gamergate – How to Win

My commentary responding to GameCentral’s David Jenkins, and his recent article on 2014 being the worst year for gaming (mainly because of the Gamergate controversy, and unambitious big name titles):

“In response to David Jenkins’ post about 2014 being the worst for gaming, one reader commented:

“Gamergate is about journalists being accountable for what they have written and showing that they shouldn’t decide what is good and bad based on deals behind closed doors.”

Fair enough, but then why does nobody from GamerGate provide examples? I asked, and was told:

“As for examples there are actually a fair few… can’t link any at the moment due to typing on my phone but a simple YouTube search for people such as Nero [Milo Yiannopoulos], a respected podcast and radio host will help put forward a case for you to see… Also another bit of evidence I can recollect emails have been made public in which 2 people from separate sites actually discuss what they both shall review and how they both will ultimately rate it.”

I’m sorry, but why would I wage your campaign for you?

Given the intense reaction from GamerGaters, you might expect they would have a bulleted list of ‘corruption in games journalism’ examples ready to share.

Instead the response has been: Google it yourself. And that journalists compare notes via email – hardly a shocking revelation (most professionals in any line of work compare what they’re doing with their peers).

Rather than attacking and threatening Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, etc., why doesn’t GamerGate take its criticisms to the source – that would be the big publishers and the journalists that they supposedly influence?

GC’s own David Jenkins writes an article that notes 2014’s big games (Destiny, Titanfall, etc.) have been disappointments, and gets berated.

In short – boost a big name game and get accused of corruption. Criticize a big name game and get accused of corruption.

The only way to win this game is not to play.
Nick the GentDeconstructing Video Games

GC: We like that he said there were a ‘fair few’ examples (before not giving any), as if it was slightly surprising that there would be any at all.”

Read the email and other comments on GameCentral (Metro UK).

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