An Interview with the Well-Red Mage

“I had an exquisite time chatting with a true gentleman, in the classic sense of the word, meaning he owns land and belongs to aristocracy. Nick the Gent of Deconstructing Video Games is an interviewee-machine and all around stand up guy! He responded with some really lengthy answers, true to his blog’s deconstructing moniker, and I got the gist that he had fun and loved talking about his work. Who wouldn’t? It was an inspiring experience and I hope you find some enjoyment in the conversation of two gentlemen…

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Well-Red Mage, a video games blogger and man of quality. We covered a lot of ground – from early gaming memories to favorite games to hidden gems; the wonderful WordPress video games blogging community; and the upcoming Nintendo Switch (and what I’d do if I became Nintendo CEO!)

Check out the full interview at Well-Red Mage interviews Nick the Gent. And be sure to follow the Well-Red Mage!

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