Metroid Prime and Prometheus: A Comparison

With Alien: Covenant out this weekend, here is my blog post comparing Prometheus with Metroid Prime!

Deconstructing Video Games

SPOILER warning! (for both Prometheus and the Metroid games)

Add another to the list of unanswered questions posed by Prometheushow is 2012’s sort-of Alien movie getting a sequel?

Don’t get me wrong. I actually enjoyed Prometheus – as a brainless summer blockbuster.

But when the film was pitched as revered director Sir Ridley Scott’s return to a genre he helped define, I expected more than laugh-out-loud junk science and marginal acting:

Cinemagoers have different takes on which flawed Prometheus scene they couldn’t get over. As a gamer, I was struck by how far popular movies like this have fallen behind their video game counterparts.

In the theater, I compared Prometheus with the Metroid series – fittingly, the Nintendo sci-fi franchise featuring a strong female lead that was inspired by Sir Ridley Scott’s original Alien.

And there is no comparison. Here are a few reasons why the Metroid…

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4 responses to “Metroid Prime and Prometheus: A Comparison

  1. Great article! Whenever Metroid Prime is discussed I get all nostalgic. Prime is actually a better science fiction experience than most, in my opinion. I could go on and on about how perfect a game the first and second Prime games are (and I think I will in a post soon). The solitude, the exploration, the sound design… And there’s a rumor floating around that there are two new Metroid games in development, and one of them is being made by Retro Studios. I sure hope they’re true.

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    • Agreed about Metroid Prime 1 and 2! They are both superb games. The sense of exploration is so good, both worlds are totally immersive. Hope the rumor about another Metroid by Retro Studios turns out to be true!


    • There’s meant to be a new Metroid Prime on the way! And I’d definitely recommend the original trilogy – there’s a box set out there with all the games on Wii (and motion controls), or you can track down the GameCube discs. The first Metroid Prime is one of the all time greats!

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