GoldenEye 20th Anniversary Retrospective

Deconstructing Video Games


Good news, folks – I replayed GoldenEye, and it’s still great.

But twenty years ago we weren’t expecting anything from GoldenEye. As much as it is now revered as a platinum-coated classic, Rare’s stealth-’em-up appropriately came out of nowhere. Hopes were not high for a movie license, yet Rare and Nintendo’s magic created a game that defined console shooters for a generation.

Be Bond

The genius of GoldenEye was in putting you in James Bond’s tux, handing you a silenced PPK and a range of mini-sandboxes in which to use it. This is a Bond simulator, not a video game straining to be a Bond movie.

Nintendo and Super Mario 64’s open worlds were influential. Each mission in GoldenEye comes with multiple layered objectives, but no “right” way to accomplish these. And you get more objectives as you work up through the difficulty levels. “Agent” remains…

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6 responses to “GoldenEye 20th Anniversary Retrospective

  1. It may have been surpassed in the twenty years since its release, but Goldeneye remains a fun game to play. I still say one of my greatest gaming accomplishments was when I beat that insanely frustrating Aztec level on 00 Agent mode.

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