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Reset Lightbox. View Thumbnails. Close Lightbox. Hide Thumbnails. My culture and stories from the women who raised me have taught me that in this world being a femme is dangerous. My interest in this scholarship is best described by telling you about what I found when imagining where I would go if I was awarded this scholarship.

That article fit a puzzle piece into the space I held when asking myself why I am interested in this scholarship. I am not a tribe member nor am I a sexual assault survivor; yet where I choose to explore public land, how I do it, and who I am with is Craigslist Alaska sex trans affected by assault experiences of my family members.

For me, getting this scholarship and making this journey is about bicycling past the trauma I have inherited from the violent assaults that my family members have survived, and riding into joy, self-confidence, and validation that my body has the right to adventure and connect with nature anywhere on this planet.

My earliest mother-daughter memory is mom teaching me how to write my name; the next one is mom coaching me to ride on two wheels—she easily graduated me from a trike to a small unicorn-colored bike, skipping the training wheels. Once as I claimed to be bored. You can do that too. Time wore on and she changed.

This story is about the persistent dichotomy in my life: my mom, the original enabler of my adventurous nature and my most vocal opposition. I know she is proud of my passion for protecting the planet. She knows how highly I prioritize experiencing joy in the wild as I work to defend nature. Yet, she deeply fears for me.


Mujeres of my ethnicity are murdered every day in the land where half of my roots are. This bike tour is about changing that narrative. I want my story to tell of a femme presenting cyclist in Alaska who tours, learns about their self, makes friends, and has fun. Joy and desire in my life is centered in being outside. Bicycling is my release because the climbs can be difficult. The climbs have been part of the best and worst moments of my adult life, from literally riding away from a situation of domestic abuse when I was 19, to riding home from unforgettable concerts.

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I never get sick of it. It may be an aversion to speed, but I smile more during the uphill push more than going back downhill. Luckily, I have a friend to stay safe with on this mile tour—my childhood friend Helani Krstyen. We met 15 years ago on our soccer team, and have been best friends ever since. We have the best set of first-time experiences together including backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing and whitewater rafting. Bikepacking will be our next great first.

Alaska Sluts

Helani comes from a family of cyclists and has won sprint triathlons. Due to the work of the Alaska Wilderness League, Utah and Alaska are often put in the same camp as the only states with national campaigns to deate BLM wilderness in the state.

Environmental Program Director.

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When reading about the hot spring in their community, I learned about a recent awful decision made by the BLM to allow mining upon millions of acres throughout the Seward Peninsula. The Corporation along with others protested the decision at two stages of public comment, but the BLM did not relent. Still, I am most excited about the destinations set in my trip plan. The first time I was warned how to protect myself from sexual violence, I was 6 years old.

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These messages throughout my life have made me believe that I am not capable of venturing by myself. Riding in Alaska is that ultimate affirmation. Throughout the trip, I will keep a journal of the magical kinds of thoughts that seem to only emerge when bicycling, and a daily trip log.

This special journal will be the foundation of my narrative to inspire other children to adventure and care for the people and planet along the way. Hello, there. I would really like to see someone similar to me win a grant like this.

Seems every year the distances get further.

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My confidence and ability to budget also grows. My tours have been extremely low-budget.

Singles near Alaska

The second was after being made homeless amid this global pandemic. See, I think of bike touring these last couple of years as my default home and how I survive. Not just financially, but psychologically in a neurotypical world that has a hard time accepting people that are different. Adventure cycling has improved my health, finances, and my overall lifestyle. I got sober for bike touring. It was a pretty epic life-changing experience filled Craigslist Alaska sex trans a lot of strange kindness.

The trip really drilled ideas of doing this bigger and better into my head. My entire last trip was well-documented in my Instagram stories and journaled on Facebook. My next season of riding will hopefully see the growth of a TikTok and Youtube. InI read an article portraying the difficulty of finding fresh food during the Alaskan winters. Since then I have had a fascination with Alaska and its food culture.

Each place has a unique relationship to food as determined by its geography, climate, indigenous cultures, ingenuity of settlers colonizersand role in global commerce. I taught high school biology in Oakland, California from August to Spring of After 4 years of working at a large public school, I decided I needed to take a year off from teaching due to burnout.

Repeatedly teaching students every day, grading their work, planning lessons, and attending meetings became exhausting.

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The exhaustion only slightly overshadowed my favorite part of teaching: relationship building. I welcomed getting to know Craigslist Alaska sex trans student a little better every day — sharing in their successes and supporting them during their challenges. Throughout my teaching experience, the relationships I built with my students led me to feel that I was teaching the wrong thing — focusing on microbiological processes rather than preparing my students to take care of themselves, emotionally and physically.

My students shared that they desired to learn how to cook, how to apply for jobs, and how to build healthy relationships. I strongly believe that scientific literacy is a beneficial life skill — yet I found myself wondering why the school system prioritizes teaching photosynthesis over self care — especially when students continually request it.

Last spring, when I said my goodbyes, I left wondering what my next step would be. Distance from teaching, coupled with reflection hello covid restrictions led me to realize that I miss many aspects of teaching — the laughter, the sharing of knowledge between student and teacher, and the sense of being a part of a big community. I now understand that I want to recreate the joys of teaching through a lens that is lacking in public school and that my students so clearly wanted — food, nutrition, and food cultivation.

Yearly Plan

My new teaching goal, in whatever platform I have a classroom, a zoom room, the unending internetis to teach people and continue teaching myself about food and the relationships it creates between people, the land, and our bodies. See the table below for a comprehensive list of the farms along the route. The route connects farm incubator projects, vegetable and meat farms, and the Anchorage Food Bank. In addition, the route visits Denali and Kenai Fjords National Parks, places that have been on my bucket list for many years.

I first heard from Ana Jager in the fall of She was 19 years old and the youngest applicant. After the trip, Ana went back to school at Western Washington University.

It was a long process to get support and connections to get it rolling, but POWER had its first season in fall with about 12 girl, trans, and non-binary students from Whatcom Middle School. Within POWER, each student received a bike, helmet, lock, and lights to use in the program and keep as their own. I ran it with the help of my friends and community members as volunteers. We all met twice a week after school to ride around town and practice how to use bikes as tools for mobility.

Craigslist Alaska sex trans

Getting to know goofy middle schoolers and share bike commuting with them was a huge highlight during my time at college in Bellingham. I was amazed how excited students were about learning and riding together, and how motivated they were to become independent in bike commuting! Bike riding holds so much potential for community, self learning, and mobility.

In a world where oppression and inequality are omnipresent features, I love that biking allows all people, regardless of their background, to experience freedom and agency of their life. Ana gets it done. We had 96 people at the group start for the Baja Divide in January Another rider was Colleen Welch. She rode the full length of the peninsula, smiling and kicking ass. At the end of the ride we reconnected in San Jose del Cabo.

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Colleen told me that the six week tour was less expensive than she had expected. She wanted to help me out. ZIP:

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