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Handmade Twitting was a virtual exhibition that explored how historically opposing economic and value systems are increasingly merging in contemporary Cuba. Revolico is disorder, mess, bewilderment, exhilaration, agitation, and stir. Sinceit is also a Cuban advertisement website run by four young Cuban entrepreneurs living in Spain and Cuba—a sort of Cuban Craigslist where everything one could possibly think of is for sale: from cars to houses, diapers, eggs, meat, massages, salsa classes, Chinese lessons, and most surprising, internet access.

Many of the goods and services that are difficult to find in state-owned shops, or not at all for sale, are offered through Revolico.


It is curious of course that in a Craigslist sex Havana IL with such limited access to internet, people visit a digital marketplace to obtain many of the products to satisfy both their primary and secondary needs. The Cuba that is modernising and updating its economy is a Cuba that is inching towards market-socialism.

Second, besides the initiated art audience we intended to also reach people that do not frequent exhibitions. While certainly some people go to FAC to see art, it is more likely that the primary interest of most visitors is to enjoy an evening out. With regard to Revolico, before Handmade Twitting no revoliquero user of Revolico had expected to encounter an art exhibition here. To a certain degree, these sites served as baits to interact with those who were in their daily lives concerned with the socio-political issues presented in the exhibitions, but would probably not step into a traditional art institution.

By using these platforms, we confronted them with critical issues in their more natural habitats. FAC attracts thousands of visitors every night: Cuban youngsters from across the city, tourists, and specialised art audiences. Revolico reaches an even larger and broader audience. It is used by people across the entire island and also makes it to the Cuban community living abroad.

Together, they are responsible for more than ten million views per month. In the last place, we opted for these gallery spaces because they awarded us with much greater freedom than the state owned spaces would.


As both Revolico and FAC are not under state control, at least not directly, we could take greater liberties with showing experimental and critical artworks and with presenting our curatorial concepts. Revolico is officially a Spanish company; the website is not hosted by servers on the island and does not respond to state policies. FAC finds itself in a liminal zone, being neither a private enterprise nor a state-run institution—officially it is a community project—it can partly escape from state control.

The building is owned by the government, but the funds for the artistic programmes come primarily from private investors, embassies, crowdfunding, and foreign cultural foundations. As I said above, Handmade Twitting was a virtual exhibition that took place at Revolico and was included in the Twelfth Havana Biennial.

It formed part of a larger exhibition— Sin oficio ni beneficio —about the cohabitation of two different and seemingly contradicting exchange systems in Cuba: One free of money and revolving around the exchange or sharing of largely immaterial things such as des, motor rides and ideas, the other dominated by capital and revolving around the monetary exchange of commodities such as rose petals, economic theories, or Craigslist sex Havana IL.

The installations, performances, and gestures of around 30 artists from both Latin America and Europe could roughly be divided into two groups that responded to these different systems of exchange: one free of money, the other dominated by it. Showing them side by side was for us an attempt to give insight into how commercial and non-commercial exchanges, capitalism and socialism, personal profit and solidarity, the black and the white market, and illegality and legality were increasingly merging, and becoming more alike.

In and around this government-owned art space, a of performances and activities took place and installations were exhibited. Besides the people accessing Snet from their homes, it concerned also the visitors of Sin oficio ni beneficio who were connected to Snet at La moderna.

A group of bikers, all dressed up in LAMA uniforms, occasionally arrived at the exhibition space to divulge information about the social projects they had been involved in, and to do what they usually do in their monthly encounters: show off their legendary bikes, share their enthusiasm for motorcycles and plan their next trip across the island.

Just as in editions, they had invited people from a range of disciplines to intervene with text, de, collage or whatever they pleased in the former cement s they had cleaned and cut for them. During the time of the biennial, La moderna offered a lively environment where artworks were exhibited that alluded mostly to the exchange of immaterial and uncommercial goods such as knowledge, words, ideas, and de.

Visitors related to these works either in a hands-on manner—by collectively writing a poem for example—or gained direct insight into some local systems of exchange that had been created from the bottom up. Handmade Twitting was located in the midst of these networks of non-commercial exchanges, literally, and responded to types of commercial exchange.

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In the centre of La moderna was a laptop. This was the brain of Sin oficio ni beneficio and the only place where information about the works and the exhibition could be found.

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Images of the works and their labels circulated as screensaver and also the catalogue was located here. This catalogue was digital, of course, and consisted of a of folders like for example:. Theseand the structure as such, were not invented by us but instead represented the same logic as El paquetethe package: a digital compilation of information and entertainment that circulates weekly throughout entire Cuba.

This is a sort of creole offline internet that contains an enormous amount of information that is downloaded from the internet, and collected within Cuba, by nobody knows who. Except for pornography and political and religious content, the package offers much information that most Cubans do not have access to—either because they cannot download it due to the lack of internet, or because it is not offered by the state-run media.

It was through the virtual catalogue—which was included in the laptop at La moderna, and in the memory sticks that we distributed to the visitors—that people could visit Handmade Twitting. That was the idea at least. I will shortly turn to how this attempt was frustrated. By going into the Revolico folder, one could find a downloaded copy of the website and, with that, also of the exhibition. Exploring the Revolico folder through the laptop at La moderna, or through the usb stick, were just two of the ways in which people could visit Handmade Twitting.

They could also access the exhibition through the package as delivered to their homes by the paqueteros. During the entire month of the biennial 22 May—22 JuneHandmade Twitting had been included in the package. This seemed to us the most adequate manner to make it accessible to local audiences because most people in Cuba are only able to visit Revolico, and thus the exhibition, Craigslist sex Havana IL this manner. The third possibility to visit Handmade Twitting was the most difficult for local audiences, but the most straightforward for any other person in the world with a good internet connection: to go to the website www.

Handmade Twitting- Sin oficio ni beneficio

In short, the exhibition could be visited either by navigating Revolico online, as done mainly by visitors abroad, or offline, by people living on the island. Handmade Twitting presented the works of five Cuban artists that are currently residing in Canada, Mexico, the United States, or on the island itself.

They all had an entirely different way of approaching the virtual gallery space. Half of them redeed its logo, the others collaborated with written texts that reflected on its functions, and its importance within Cuban society Figure 2 : des by the invited artists as appeared on the website.

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Altering the original Croobie font of the website was a way of converting Revolico into something else, of giving up on the freshness and coolness that Croobie refers to and proposing a new visual identity. He assures that it is one of the richest and most dynamic sources of information for those who want to understand what is happening on the island at this very moment.

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He continues by arguing:. Revolico es uno de los pocos espacios virtuales donde mi gente puede hacer comunidad. Donde no se les exige que se levanten en contra o a favor de nada. Donde nadie les pide que sean otra cosa, que quieran algo distinto, que le pongan freno a sus pasiones. En Revolico, mi gente se siente mejor. According to Prieto, their ways of negotiating could not be more different from each other.

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Through a cryptic language, he shows that the negotiations at Revolico are clear and direct, while the ones of the two states are obscure and enigmatic. Irving Vera participated with Visiones de un mundo revuelto I and M. These terms could literally be translated as peanuts and shopping, but they are also Cuban slang for marijuana and cocaine. When clicking on these items for sale, the potential buyer was offered more visual and textual information about the products.

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The mani add included three images of what seemed to be a pile of cannabis. The text below, however, claimed that it was mg of dried rose petals, wrapped in white nylon and fastened with a thread of vegetable fibre. Similar information appeared when going to the M. A offer. The images of what looked like lines of cocaine were accompanied by a text that explained what these images actually represented: macerated sugar. What they did was the contrary. The invented histograms and pie charts only lead to more confusion and uncertainty about what this new economy actually was.

The sending of s to large groups of recipients is another strategy to circulate independent information on the island. Craigslist sex Havana IL by using these lists we inserted the exhibition in yet another networks of exchange—in addition to the package, Snet and memory sticks. A visitor of Revolico would have easily missed out on the fact that the aforementioned interventions were actually artworks, were it not for subtle allusions that communicated that they were participating in an exhibition of the Twelfth Havana Biennial.

Alongside every intervention, a small announcement appeared which offered the visitor the possibility to find out more about the items and services that were presumably for sale.

When clicking on the link, they were redirected to a where a short text appeared:. Unfortunately, many of the local visitors we wanted to attract never made it to Handmade Twitting.

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One day before the opening of Sin oficio ni beneficio, Revolico was excluded from the package. Sincethis old oil fabric offers a wide array of activities related to art and leisure: from exhibitions of contemporary art to fashion shows, dance parties, theatre pieces, dance performances and live concerts.

A straightforward description of this space is impossible. FAC is many things that might in a first instance seem in conflict with one another: an exhibition space for established artists and art students, a venue for popular and traditional music, a community project, and a commercial gallery of amateur deers and top-end visual artists.

The exhibition was located at the Sala Santiago Feliu, a space of no larger than four by eight meters that normally hosts live concerts and lectures. During one month, we closed the space and switched off the lights to present a of installations, performances and presentations by around 15 artists, performers, and writers from Cuba, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, South Korea, and the United States.

They reflected on how sexuality can be used to resist to and escape from oppressive social, political and economic structures. Amongst other issues, they considered how capitalism has made the female body, and especially the Latina female body, into a passive object eager to be consumed and enjoyed by others, and how socialism converted the body into a productive machine for collective labour, thereby eradicating the idea of the body as a site of personal pleasure and gain. While normally the Sala Santiago Feliu was an open space that visitors could access from different entrances, we closed it so it could be entered only through one main opening.

The eroticised live performances, in combination with the ostentatious vitrines and the dark room, made that the visitors were doubtful whether they were in a dancing hall, a performance bar, a presentation room, or something altogether different. They could not tell either from the reactions of the fellow visitors, as they all had different reasons for being at the exhibition, and hence of relating to Craigslist sex Havana IL works.

They might have been attracted by the music or by the blinking vitrines —something which is not at all common in a country with nearly no shops. Just as with Handmade Twittingone of our main concerns was to speak with these different types of audiences. We wanted to interact equally with the people who came to look at beautiful objects, to move to danceable rhythms, or to analyse the socio-political messages hidden in the exhibition, as with those who ended up doing all of this.

While at first glance they seemed to be nothing more than just extravagant shop windows presenting attractive commodities, similar to the ones that figure so prominently in the capitalist world, in reality they presented multifaceted artworks and called attention to how Caribbean bodies had been sexualised in order to be consumed and enjoyed by male and female tourists from the north and by wealthy compatriots.

Guerrero had either replaced or furnished the traditionally soft and cuddly fabrics with cactuses, thorns, and bird peaks. ZIP: 62644

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