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With this map, you may zoom in to our known housing locations, throughout the country. This map will soon grow, as we enter in the available housing information we have through out our website, in one place.

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Looking for a place to rent for my 22 y. Looking for a room to rent for my Son re-entry. He will be needing it Jan. My wife and I are looking for a home to rent. We both have good jobs. I am not predator and my case did not involve children or anything to do with children. We will be good tenants. Thank you.

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Trying to find a place as close to tallmadge as possible. Im in okc okla currently transient looking for something for me husband and child w service cats i cant go to my apt where im on lease to even see my husband and daughter my case i rd to marry relative bec shes gay she couldnt get but birth control come on hello will never sleep w male willingly so she was put on as a parent to recieve full benifit to have two major surg to be out of a chair where if up to okla she would rott i done my time got highscool 2 trades they now list any offender as violent even if u pee on a tree at 6 yrs old anyway no child crime no threat to harm i am now being told come tues im never enter prop again total discrimanation left right so by mon im homeless and cant go to there to see my family my spouse congestive heart failur terminal stg 3 hes given 9 months he needs me so anyway we got to move dnt know where to go w my family plz can someone help this isnt how i Craigslist women wanting sex Lincoln to spend time left anyone know that can hel.

We accept sex offenders from all states. I am looking for a place for my son to rent he is a level two sex offender we are having a hard time finding him a place I would like to find a place around Fayetteville Arkansas Springdale Arkansas Around that area you could help we would really appreciate it. Looking for a apartment or house to rent for a friend!

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If someone can help me please contact me. We are in the Columbus Ohio area! I have stood by this man 4 years and I am helping him reopen his case so if anyone could help with a place for him to stay, a Attorney or even employment we will be forever greaful. Good luck to all and my prayers go out to each and everyone. Looking for my partner.


He needs a place to stay. Any and all help is much appreciated. Mesa or Tempe preferred. We are having a very very hard time finding anything due to whatever that is available is either around a park, school, or daycare.

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We need something in Milwaukee county, Wisconsin. Please please please contact me asap. I am looking for an apartment for myself and I will be allowing a sex offender to stay with me next year. My name is Kenneth Ferriss. I am currently in a halfway house and am seeking housing in the Warren County, Ohio area. Most places I have looked, thus far, has not been accepting to sex offenders.

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If you know of any, please let me know, and help find me a home. Thank you! My brother lives with me for 2 yrs now. He is a register sex offender. Female registered sex offender looking for a place to rent in St. Louis it surrounding area in Missouri.

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I need something ASAP. My son will be getting out of prison soon.

We have launched a new site called Sex Offender Resources Locator, with a new Housing Locator map.

Binghamton ny or surrendering area. My husband is a registered sex offender. His offense was in when he was high on drugs and he is eligible to petition the court to come off of the registry in two years, no legal problems since that offense.

In the meantime, we need a place to live because a neighbor chain smokes cigarettes and it is giving me asthma. Anyone know anywhere we can move in the Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill area. Hi my husband and i are looking for a 1 bedroom apartment or house or trailer within 40 mins of his work in east liberty Ohio.

His charge is from I live in the German village area of columbus. My is Hi I am looking for a nursing home that will accept a family member of mine. He is a sex offender but it was many years ago when that happened.

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He can no longer care for himself and needs help. He also served in the military for. I did four years and six months in Westville penitentiary. I did two years probation in Indianapolis and underwent two years counseling from Sept. I lived in Mississippi from Sept to April 10, Now I have been here in Lincoln, Nebraska since April 10th I was Registered in Mississippi when I left Mississippi.

But when I got here State patrol would not register me here. Until this year.

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I amin transient right now. And I have no Place to live. I need a home.

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I have been working for the Temporary Service since I moved here. Can you help me I need an address.

I was 21 years old when I committed this crime. I am now 51 years old. I live in the Half Way House and would love to find something in that area. My is i need to be out of here by July My TPM was last month and my address was rejected. I prefer a home near the Columbus area but anywhere in Georgia would work. I can be reached at or by at antoniopeeler25 gmail. Save my name,and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. If you have any trouble with it, please let us know we will be sure to help you.

Thanks again, and may God bless.

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Search Of Tennessee Nursing Home. Do you have a computer and a good internet connection? HomePro is hiring! Looking for a place for my son Daniel to stay. Need ASAP. I need help!

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ZIP: 68528 68524 68526 68520 68521 68522 68516 68510 68512 68506 68507 68504 68505 68502 68503 68508 68509 68529 68542 68544 68583 68588

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