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It was updated on Aug. But then, on April 10, everything changed. The "Craigslist Killer" began his seven-day crime spree. I've been doing it for the past two years," Leffler said of choosing Boston.

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Her line of work? In this case, a traveling escort. No surprise, she went right to where the money is - the Back Bay area of the city, known for its fancy hotels, exclusive boutiques and hip restaurants. When asked how much money she can make in this field, Tricia told "48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Peter Van Sant that being an escort is quite lucrative - she can make thousands of dollar a week.

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Tricia said she immediately went online to Craigslist, the Web bulletin board, and placed an ad in the erotic services section. She said after submitting her ad with the headline "Sweet Blonde," she started getting phone calls right away.

And if it's not the Yellow s, it's gonna be Craigslist. They find a means to advertise their services," according to Joe Moura, a Boston-based private investigator and "48 Hours" consultant. Somebody using Craigslist getting a fancy hotel in Boston, she's on her own. But that April night, when Tricia saw the man who answered her ad, she said she felt perfectly safe. Good looking, obviously. He just said, 'If you do everything you're asked, no harm's gonna come to you. In an exclusive interview with "48 Hours Mystery," Tricia explained, "He knelt down with one knee in between my legs.


I'm thinking like what does he want? I'm shaking. I'm scared. It dawned on me later that he could have very well killed me. Tricia's attacker wanted money. As he took her credit and debit cards, Tricia said he made no attempt to disguise his face. But he was intent on getting his phone off her cell phone.

He picked up a pair of Tricia's underwear from the floor and put them in his pocket. At that point, she explained, the gunman began walking around the hotel room looking for something. I got really scared. He took a knife out of his pocket and cut the phone lines.

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He came back over to me and taped my mouth. He put three pieces of tape over my mouth. Tricia noticed that he had yet to put the gloves back on, meaning that his fingerprints were all over that tape. After he left the room, she quickly broke free from the zip ties, but worried that he may still be nearby. I look out the peephole. There's nothing - there's nobody out there. I open the door very slowly, stuck my head out, looked both ways.

Nobody was in the hallway. I crept down the hall to see if he was maybe standing by the elevator. I'm still nervous," she continued. I've just been robbed at gunpoint. They were very respectful towards me. They wanted to catch the guy," she told Van Sant. Stills taken from a hotel security camera were the first shots of the man who became known as the Craigslist Killer. View surveillance photos. Van Sant asked Joe Moura, a private investigator, "Wasn't he aware that there were security cameras that people could track him down if something did go wrong? He figured the crime was so bold, he was gonna walk out, she's not reporting it, nobody's gonna be checking video if he was here or not.

He figures it's a clear-cut case. He's outta here," Moura explained.

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Tricia remained in Boston, waiting for the police to release her cell phone. On April 15, they called. It's really important," she recalled. And then they handed me a photograph. And I said, 'Wow, this is a really good picture of him. Where did you get it from? Was this before he came up to my room?

Sluts near Oklahoma

Boston Globe reporter Maria Cramer covers the crime and police beat. She is also a "48 Hours" consultant. In the spring ofshe found herself at the center of a white-hot story. Cramer said she knew immediately that it was going to be a big story. That's because the police had connected Julissa's murder to the robbery of Trisha Leffler just days before. Both women had advertised in the erotic services section of Craigslist and had been restrained with plastic ties.

And, once again, surveillance stills from the Marriott showed a tall, blond, preppy-looking man leaving the scene of Craigslist Amber OK sex crime. He was looking at his Blackberry, texting, looking like he had just left the hotel bar and was heading home," she replied. Van Sant said, "In some ways, that makes it all the more insidious, all the more disquieting for people living here.

Cramer said, "It basically created a frenzy - not only from the media, but from the police, because you had the possibility of a serial criminal here. The media labeled him the "Craigslist Killer" and now all eyes were focused on the 20th floor hotel room of Julissa Brisman.

Excerpt: "Seven Days of Rage" About the book.

He got at least one plastic tie on her wrist. At that point, she fought back," LaRosa explained. When he opened the door to flee, she fell outside the room. A guest from New York City was staying in a room just down the hall from Julissa. The witness, who we'll call "Jill", told LaRosa what she saw and heard:. Eventually, she poked her head out the door. And what she saw down the hall was a woman who was half in and half out of the doorway; she wasn't moving. Jill decided at that point, she was going to call security.

The guard bent over, started moving the hair away from the woman on the floor and he saw a lot of blood," LaRosa said. The security guard started talking into his walkie-talkie.

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He said, 'This is an emergency. We need paramedics. Less then an hour later, Julissa Brisman, only a week away from her 26th birthday, was pronounced dead at Boston Medical Center. Later that night, cops called her mother, Carmen, in New York City. Carmen called Mark Pines, a photographer who was helping Julissa in her career, and also a family friend. You can't go back from a statement like that; it's definitive," Pines recalled.

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More than words, we needed to share feelings at that point. The details - I didn't care about the details at that point. My heart was so broken that all I could do was cry. For her family and Julissa's many friends - her murder was a tragic end to a life just beginning to turn around. She was living the high life in New York," said Cramer. Pines said the change was evident. She'd smile with her mouth and her eyebrows at the same time, and she had eyes that were, like, just - they had this incredible, cock-eyed optimism. She had this amazingly positive, optimistic thing in her eyes, you know?

Julissa was trying to get her modeling and acting career going, but in the meantime, there were bills to be paid.

Everyone thinks they've been "entrapped" by police, but some men actually are.

So she began to offer what's known in the trade as sensual or erotic massages. Not from what I'm told. She was disgusted by it. That said, she was definitely operating in a world that could become dangerous. With two victims plucked off Craigslist - one dead and one terrorized - critics blasted the site as a virtual bordello filled with all-too-real prostitutes. You could go in the back of a newspaper and see a lot of for women who would have sex with you.

And that's true," said LaRosa," but the Internet makes it so much easier. ZIP: 73004


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