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I found a cheap room for rent with a girl who said she gives massages out of her house. I only had to hear balls on ass once to realize her husband was not the only guy making her fake moan. I'll answer anything and I'll get her to answer what I can.


I'll be back tomorrow after class. I'll consider going, but I'll never tell anyone who I am. She has the master bedroom, so the dudes use that one instead of mine.

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She's open with me about it these days. Our thin walls and her fake moans don't provide much secrecy to work with.

Oregon Sluts

Maybe she's just cheating on her husband with multiple partners? Also, sorry to hear you have to listen to fake moaning and ball slapping all the time. Have you asked for a cut of the money in exchange for offering protection?

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Pimp Hard. I have a can of mace. Pretty sure that's not enough protection to ask for a cut of the money. One of the most disturbing things is that there isn't a usual demographic.

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She's had 23 year old single guys, men in their 30s who are engaged, successful men in their 40s who want a quickie on their lunch break. He's almost like her pimp. He keeps logs of her visitors ; she calls and updates him throughout the day and goes home to spend evenings with him.

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Found the internet! I live with a craigslist prostitute.

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Posted by 12 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Are you afraid of your toilet seat yet?

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Is she open with you about it? Or is it some unspoken thing? Pimp Hard Awesome.

Edit: Formatting. What's the usual demographic? Makes me wary of dating.

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